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This couple’s story amazes me.  They met in 2004 at the fitness facility where they were both employed.

They were in the middle of planning a beautiful destination wedding in Mexico for 11/11/11 when the bride discovered changes and discomfort in her jaw.  Her doctor discovered she had what is known as ICR (Idiopathic Condylar Resorption) which is essentially a condition that effects the jaw joints.  It causes facial changes because the jaw is literally regressing backward.  As it regressed backward it was slowly and continually closing her airway.  So, this life threatening problem could only be treated with surgery, a surgery that would cost over one hundred thousand dollars and that her insurance would barely cover.  As you can only imagine, this put any wedding planning to a halt and the focus solely on the bride’s health as this surgery needed to take place relatively soon after her diagnosis.  The only solution that they could see happening to avoid drowning in debt was to rapidly speed up the wedding date so that the bride could carry on her fiance’s much better insurance that would cover the medical bills.  Their dreams of having a destination wedding were crushed.  They now had to quickly find a venue, florist, officiant, caterer and photographer, not to mention hope that their guests could rearrange their schedules to be able to attend at a shorter notice.  This all could not have happened so smoothly without the incredible help of their wedding planner, Sandy, with SM Events.  She helped turn their dream destination wedding into a dream local wedding in such a short period of time that one would never know of the time constraints involved.

Cheers to a beautiful occasion celebrating the meaning of “for better or worse, in sickness and in health.”

I’m happy to share that Andrea has fully recovered and is doing well.

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